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HUH Humor....

I personally have found that humor has played a large role in me accepting my hearing loss, I share my bloopers all the time. Due to the many family members with loss, I asked them to share a humorous or blooper hearing story with me. I learned a very valuable lesson, several of them felt those moments were humiliating and not funny. 

Enjoy my bloopers, and if you care to share yours with us, we’ll send you a free package of hearing aid batteries. 

About Sherri
My Stories
Several years ago many of my family members gathered for my sister’s high school graduation. We were clustered together and the speaker began. I couldn’t hear him, I rummaged in my purse for my remote to turn my hearing aids up, my Dad was adjusting his hearing aid, all through the group we were all trying to bring the sound a little closer. When my husband with normal hearing, elbowed me and said, I can’t hear the speaker either. I quickly looked around and giggled at all of us trying to turn things up, not realizing everyone was having difficulty. I’m betting someone noticed us and had a private chuckle.
When Chase was in elementary school, he was in federation wrestling. We made a road trip to a wrestling meet, and it proved to be a long day. Chase wasn’t wrestling his best and I had a terrific headache. On the way home I removed my hearing aids, and Chase didn’t have his in because of wrestling. Being the coaching Mom that I am, I began to lecture him on his performance. I wanted to know why wasn’t trying. He responded with," I wasn’t crying”. I come back with “I know you weren’t trying you just laid there.” At this point Dad took control of the situation, and told us both to calm down because we were talking about the same thing.
I attended a clinic, were they had a veterinarian speaking on how horses contact West Nile Virus. I had read up on the subject and thought I was somewhat knowledgeable about the disease. But when I heard him say that they get it from biting and sex, I was a little startled. I thought it was mosquitoes. I looked around to see why no one else appeared to be perplexed by this new information. He then repeated his comment and I realized that he had said, “biting insects”.
Listening to a Rodeo Announcer as he introduced the next rider and the bull he had drawn, I just had to laugh and wonder what this next bull was going to look like. I couldn’t imagine how a bull called “Naked Witch” might possibly have gotten his name. When this very large and tough bucking bull, quickly dislodged his rider, the announcer reminded us that “Big and Rich” had done his job well tonight. That made much more sense.

Shared by Lindee Miller
When my husband, Shane, and I were fist dating I was still a little embarrassed to tell him that I wore hearing aids. And whenever we would hug it would cause my hearing aids to squeal. After this would happen I would just look at him waiting to see if he noticed. He never said much except for once when he said that he thought the battery in his fire alarm was getting low and his alarm was beeping at him. When I finally got the courage to tell him that I wore hearing aids he seemed very surprised. And I told him that I was surprised that he did not figure it out since my hearing aids squealed every time he hugged me. Shane again made a funny face and said “So, I wasn’t going crazy and my fire alarm wasn’t beeping, it was you”. We then had a good laugh.
A few months later Shane and I were getting ready to attend our first Husker football game together. I was in the bathroom doing my hair and make-up and had not yet put my hearing aids in. I asked Shane what the opposing team’s mascot was. After he responded I was puzzled and said “Well, the Racin’ Taters is not a very threatening mascot.” I got no response from Shane. So I walked out of the bathroom to find Shane bent over in laughter. So, I asked what he found so funny. He just looked at me and said “Ragin’ Cajuns”. We both laughed and I agreed that was a better mascot.

Shared by Marvin Hansen 
I had an employee start working for me; I didn’t tell him I was hearing impaired. We took our lunch one day when we working out of town. He got his lunch out and offered to share a nectarine with me. I thought it was a peach and said to him. “Man this peach sure is hard.” He said, “it’s a nectarine.” I replied, “Darn right it’s green, it doesn’t even have any fuzz on it yet.” He didn’t laugh until months later when he got to know me better. The town of Oberlin still laughs at that story.



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